The Meth Problem

The Meth Problem

Meth production is an extremely dangerous process that puts lives and property at risk. One simple purchase of Nexafed can battle congestion and meth abuse in your community.

What is the cost of meth abuse?

For every 1 box of pseudoephedrine used to make meth, the cost to your community can be $3,700.5*

In order to prevent meth abuse, pseudoephedrine products are required to be sold from behind the pharmacy counter. Despite these efforts, meth abuse remains a substantial problem. Still not sure how meth abuse impacts your community? Check out these videos to learn more:

Nexafed is a solution.

Pseudoephedrine is considered to be the most effective nasal decongestant available. Nevertheless, pseudoephedrine can also be transformed into methamphetamine, or meth.

Only Nexafed has Impede® technology designed to disrupt the extraction and conversion of pseudoephedrine to meth. Other pseudoephedrine products without meth resistance may be easily dissolved, filtered, and converted to meth. However, if abusers try to dissolve Nexafed to make meth, the formulation of Nexafed causes a thick gel to form, blocking the extraction process.

This makes Nexafed virtually useless for meth production.

*This calculation is intended for illustrative purposes only and may not fully represent the scope of the methamphetamine epidemic or the actual costs associated with methamphetamine in your community or state.