Why Nexafed

Nexafed battles congestion. And meth abuse, too.

It’s no wonder Nexafed is the #1 pharmacist recommended brand of meth-resistant pseudoephedrine. Nexafed is a next-generation medicine that does more to make a difference. It is the only brand of pseudoephedrine (PSE) decongestants with innovative Impede® technology, and Nexafed promises powerful congestion relief in a unique, meth-resistant formulation.

Nexafed in action.

Watch the videos below to see how Nexafed works and why other pharmacists recommend Nexafed to battle meth abuse in their community.

Efficacy you can trust.

Nexafed is just as effective at relieving nasal congestion due to the common cold, hay fever, or other upper respiratory allergies as other PSE products that do not have meth-deterring technologies. A clinical study showed that Nexafed pseudoephedrine HCI (2 x 30 mg) tablets with Impede® technology were comparable to an equivalent oral dose of Sudafed® tablets.2


Maximum-strength non-drowsy formulation

Has meth-deterring technology

Meets FDA standard for bioequivalence to Sudafed®
Tmax as fast as Sudafed®

Make the right choice for your patients. And your community too.

Nexafed is the only meth-resistant PSE product that has demonstrated bioequivalence to Sudafed® 30-mg tablets using FDA bioequivalence standards.1

In a randomized crossover study in 30 healthy subjects, the rate and extent of absorption (Tmax, Cmax, and AUC) of Nexafed with Impede® pseudoephedrine HCI (2 x 30 mg) tablets were comparable to that of an equivalent oral dose of Sudafed® tablets, meeting FDA bioequivalence criteria.2

Another randomized crossover study performed by an independent laboratory compared commercially available Zephrex-D® and Sudafed®. The data showed that Zephrex-D® failed to meet the FDA standard for bioequivalence to Sudafed®.1

Only Nexafed has Impede® technology.

Other PSE products that are not meth resistant can be easily dissolved, filtered, and converted to meth. However, if abusers try to dissolve Nexafed to make meth, the inactive ingredients and unique polymer matrix of Nexafed form a thick gel that blocks the extraction. The inactive ingredients of this unique polymer configuration do not affect product efficacy or safety. In the direct conversion (one-pot) method, Nexafed significantly disrupts the process, so that meth yield is unsuitable.

What you should know about Impede® technology

  • Significantly disrupts the extraction and conversion of PSE to methamphetamine
  • Ingredients do not affect product efficacy or safety
  • Published rigorous independent laboratory data and marketplace results

Our company’s commitment to defending your community.

MainPointe Pharmaceuticals is committed to fighting medication abuse and misuse, so we’ve added safety features to all our products. We’re particularly proud of Nexafed, which has unique meth-resistant Impede® technology. Nexafed delivers the efficacy your patients expect while helping make your community safer.

Nexafed gives you the opportunity to really make a difference in your community by giving you the choice to recommend a trusted decongestant with greater peace of mind. Our commitment to making communities healthier and safer goes beyond our products and innovations.

Stock and recommend Nexafed today.