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The estimated annual cost of meth abuse in the United States.

How far could $23 billion go?


thousand police officer salaries6


thousand Habitat for Humanity homes7


million college textbooks8


new hospitals9

Is Your Pharmacy Doing All It Can to Deter Meth Abuse?

Thousands of pharmacies across the country are leading the fight against meth abuse in their communities by selecting Nexafed as the modern decongestant of choice. In some communities where pharmacies have replaced older single ingredient pseudoephedrine products with Nexafed, meth labs busts have been reduced up to 90%.2 Nexafed is the only pseudoephedrine product that works like Sudafed®, delivering the same congestion relief you expect while deterring illicit meth production and abuse.2 So meth cooks will shop elsewhere for the older products they prefer. And that adds a dose of protection to your community.

With Nexafed, we developed a product designed to change lives for the better. Other pharmaceutical companies would be content to stop there. But we want to take it one step further and transform entire communities to address meth abuse.

But to do this, we need your help.

Today, we have meth-deterring technology.
Tomorrow, we’ll work toward a meth-free nation.