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  • What is Nexafed?

    Nexafed is the next generation, maximum strength, non-drowsy pseudoephedrine hydrochloride (HCl) non-prescription medication that combines effective nasal and sinus congestion relief with methamphetamine-deterring Impede®

  • Is Nexafed FDA approved?

    Nexafed is manufactured and marketed in compliance with FDA regulations governing pseudoephedrine products.

  • What is the active ingredient in Nexafed?

    The active ingredient in Nexafed is pseudoephedrine HCl, which relieves nasal congestion due to the common cold, hay fever, or other upper respiratory allergies. Ninety-three percent of pharmacists surveyed believe pseudoephedrine HCl is the most effective nasal decongestant available.2

  • What is Impede® technology?

    Impede® is a combination of safe ingredients that block extraction and significantly disrupt the conversion of pseudoephedrine into the dangerous illegal drug methamphetamine, commonly known as meth. This reduction in yield makes it unsuitable for meth cooks, who will shop elsewhere for the products they prefer. In some communities where pharmacies have replaced older single ingredient […]

  • Are the ingredients in Nexafed safe?

    Yes. All ingredients in Nexafed with Impede® technology are in amounts the same as or less than those used in other pharmaceutical products approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The Impede® technology combines these ingredients in a unique way to give the medication its meth-resistant properties while still maintaining its effectiveness.

  • Is Nexafed effective in relieving cold and allergy congestion?

    Nexafed is just as effective at relieving nasal congestion due to the common cold, hay fever, or other upper respiratory allergies as other pseudoephedrine products on the market that do not have meth-resistant technologies. A clinical study showed that Nexafed pseudoephedrine HCI (2 x 30 mg) tablets were comparable to an equivalent oral dose of […]

  • How does Nexafed work?

    Nexafed temporarily relieves nasal congestion due to the common cold, hay fever, or other upper respiratory allergies. Nexafed also helps to decongest sinus openings and passages to temporarily relieve sinus congestion and pressure, without causing drowsiness.

  • What are the potential side effects of Nexafed?

    As is required by the FDA of all pseudoephedrine products, Nexafed lists the following warnings related to potential side effects: “If nervousness, dizziness, or sleeplessness occurs, discontinue use and consult a doctor.” “If symptoms do not improve within 7 days or are accompanied by a fever, consult a doctor.” “Do not use if you are […]

  • Where is Nexafed available for purchase?

    Nexafed is sold nationwide at both chain and independent pharmacies. At these stores, Nexafed can be found behind the pharmacy or service counter. If Nexafed is not carried at your local pharmacy, ask for it. Most pharmacists will order Nexafed from their suppliers if requested.