Nexafed Sinus Pressure + Pain

Nexafed Sinus Pressure + Pain

Nexafed Sinus Pressure + Pain is the first extension of the Nexafed line of meth-resistant pseudoephedrine PSE products. It’s the only meth-resistant PSE + acetaminophen combination product, so you can offer your patients a decongestant that really works1 with a pain reliever you’ve always trusted.

Nexafed Nasal Decongestant

Sinus Relief

Efficacy you can trust.

Fast-acting Nexafed Sinus Pressure + Pain is available in 24-count cartons and should be priced comparably to Advil® Cold and Sinus tablets.

Nexafed Sinus Pressure + Pain permits the maximum daily dose of pseudoephedrine, while Advil Cold and Sinus does not.1
Advil® is a registered trademark of Pfizer.

Impede® Technology

Only Nexafed has Impede® Technology.

Other PSE products that are not meth resistant can be easily dissolved, filtered, and converted to meth. However, if abusers try to dissolve Nexafed to make meth, the inactive ingredients and unique polymer matrix of Nexafed form a thick gel that blocks the extraction. The inactive ingredients of this unique polymer configuration do not affect product efficacy or safety. In the direct conversion (one-pot) method, Nexafed significantly disrupts the process, so that meth yield is unsuitable.2
What you should know about Impede® technology

  • Significantly disrupts the extraction and conversion of PSE to methamphetamine
  • Ingredients do not affect product efficacy or safety
  • Published rigorous independent laboratory data and marketplace results

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